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Dungeon Master Emma
28 March 1989
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  • emah@livejournal.com
I am Emma! i used to spell it Emah (how lame of me) and thats still my LJ thing. i'm 5"4'... or is it 5'4"... either way, i'm the taller of the two... i'm a lolita and i'm an aussie. I love music of all kinds, except rap and songs about people shaking arses. anything else is fine by me. no really, anything; classical, jazz, jrock, heavy metal; you name it, i prolly like it.
some random facts you might find amusing;
i have had many hairstyles; black x white, purple, i'm a little crazy that way :)
my favourite bands are nile, dark tranquillity and gazette
i'm a costume student at WAAPA
in my spare time, i enjoy playing solitaire
i collect shoes, and have 53 pairs. Although i still need more!
i dont update my LJ very often, because i dont really feel the need to. plus, my life isnt THAT interesting!!!